Friday, December 27, 2013

14 Days & Counting!

Hard to believe we fly out of Seattle on January 10th!  We made a quick (8 hour drive:) trip down to Eugene and back to visit all of Annette's family for Christmas.  We were there just two days but had a wonderful time!  The kids had a blast playing with all of their cousins and we relished the big family gathering for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  We also got to visit Annette's home church Emmaus Lutheran, which was very special. 

Unfortunately, all the cousins (including our 3) came down with a bug, which made the drive home...interesting.  But I've learned (at least during the day) I can get quite a bit done at home with three kids laying on the couch all day:)!  Night time, seems to be another story.

Annette's Dad came to visit before Christmas and we put him to work, he & Mike started moving some of our heavier items to storage.  We hope to finish moving the rest of our furniture out by Monday, then clean the carpets, and get the house ready for our tenants to move in on the 4th.  Oh & the fun part!  Figuring out what we can fit in our suitcases!

We'll spend our last week here visiting and saying good by to close friends.  After a year of planning for this journey we are excited for the final weeks in our home town and looking forward to arriving and exploring our new town of Matagalpa!

We wish you all a safe and joy filled New Year!

Annette, Mike, Mackenzie, Evan & Kai

Monday, December 16, 2013

On the first day of Packing...

My children said to me, "Where Is The Chr-ist-mas Tree?"

On the second day of packing, My children said to me, "Mommy can we bring this?"

On the third day of of packing, my children said to me, "What's with all the boxes?"

On the fourth day of packing, my children said to me, "You can't get rid of that!"

On the fifth day of packing, my consious said to me, "There's NOoo Way!"

On the sixth day of packing, my dear friend said to me, "Start with the books."

On the seventh day of packing, my dear friend said to me, "Make lots of lists."

On the eighth day of packing, my dear friends said to me, "Have you done your Christmas shopping?"

On the ninth day of packing, my children said to me, "Mommy what's for dinner?"

On the tenth day of packing, my true love said to me, "Let's load up the crawl space."

On the eleventh day of packing, my dear mom said to me, "Have you thought about, dot, dot, dot?"

On the twelvth day of packing, my children said to me, "Where IS everything?"

Welcome to our First Blog Posting! (Thanks to Tanner Rookard for getting us started!)  Felt like being a bit playful with our first post, despite being surrounded by boxes, never ending lists, and a very loud ticking noise every time one of the kids tells me how many days 'till Christmas.  Please do your best to sing this tune in reverse order of course. :)  For some 'real official' news.
1) We Found FABULOUS Renters (Praise GOD!), They move in on Jan. 4th
2) We are packing up everything to put either under the house or in storage.
3) We don't know where we'll be spending Christmas or New Years yet (hence no tree), will depend on how successful packing is.
4) Kids (& Mike) only have 4 days left of school (makes ME sad)
5) Trying to shop for swimsuits, sandals, & uniforms in the middle of Winter is...time consuming.
6) Friends have been so gracious to keep bringing us boxes & suitcases (Thank you!)
7) Our departure date of January 10th is getting close enough, that we are letting ourselves get excited even amidst the chaos!
8) We have an unfurnished home to rent in Matagalpa (Thank you Carey!) & a gracious family's home (thank you Espinoza's!)to stay in while we get settled.
9) God is SO Good & we are so thankful that He continues to Lead us and let us know we're not crazy, but we are following His Plan, to Love, Serve & Trust with all our heart, mind, & soul!
10) Praying for Patience this Advent Season & joyful for the Promises in store for us.