Tuesday, June 24, 2014



We’ve been hearing that a lot lately.  We fortunately can usually pick up the games by a slightly delayed stream on our computer.  We’re reminded it is slightly delayed anytime there is a goal, we can hear all the neighbors (including the bar up the street) yelling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Moments before we actually see it, kind of a nice heads up if  you’re not paying attention.☺

Capitalizing on this excitement, Mike has decided to set up a little mini world cup of his own at school, which has brought much enthusiasm to recess time as well as many opportunities to teach about good sportsmanship and teamwork!  Evan & Kai were on the same team and won the primary division, & Mackenzie did a great job on her all girls team.

I’m beginning my mid-year student evaluations of my Kindergartners and couldn’t be more proud of the growth they have shown.  It is really exciting and very rewarding to see all of their growth, but especially that of my three students with special needs.  Special Education, IPEs, etc. do not exist here and most children with special needs are not even allowed to attend school.  So I am so thankful I have the opportunity to give these students the chance they deserve to learn and grow like any other child.

We are looking forward to our ‘Winter Break’ coming up in a few weeks (your July 4th weekend!), we’re especially excited we get to see Grandma & Grandpa Mueller & Mike’s brother Mark!  We have to leave the country to renew our visa, so we will be taking the bus down to Costa Rica and meeting up with the Mueller family there.  They’ll also be bringing us some much needed food and vitamin staples from Costco & Trader Joe’s, Yay!  (Keeping up with the boys’ food allergies, means stocking up on Gluten, Dairy, Soy & Potato Free foods!)

On a not so happy note we've decided we need to sell our vehicle and  try to find a more reliable one.  Of course, first that means making the necessary repairs to our current car so we can sell it and still afford to buy another one!  Buying cars is always a gamble here because people just do not maintain them, & the roads here are very hard on cars.  We are hoping that we’ll find a car that has been well maintained by a single owner this time around.

We're happy to say we're working on plans to try and stay a second year!  Mike will apply for a second leave of absence as soon as he is able, & we will begin fundraising for next year as well.  We're are so thankful for all the support we have received from so many generous people, and we thank those of you who have already let us know you will continue your support next year!  If you would be interested in donating again or continuing your pledge another year we'd love to hear from you.   We’re very excited that we will come home for our summer break in December & January, this will be a great opportunity to share our experiences with many of you, answer questions, and catch up with friends and family.  (The kids are already looking forward to lots of sleep overs!)

Happy Summer to you all!  Enjoy the sunshine, we’ll be enjoying the rain!

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