Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kinders Reading! Hurray!

I am SO PROUD of my Kinders!  They are beginning readers & writers, despite being much younger than kindergartners in the states, and most having had no preschool!  It is hard to explain how dramatically different my teaching strategies are from the standard Nicaraguan education system.  A kindergarten student in a typical Nicaraguan classroom, would just now be learning a few consonants and starting to memorize syllables.  Rather, the students in my classroom know & understand all letters & sounds, they understand concepts of print, they enjoy reading, writing & creating meaning out of text, they understand basic foundational math concepts, and so much more!  It is exciting to see their growth.  It is equally exciting to see how my aid Karla is learning how to teach this way, & to see her understanding of how relevant, individualized, teaching is so much better for meaningful student learning.

Would you like to help be a part of this mission?  Below is a list of teaching materials I could use for next year, I'd be glad to pick them up from you when we're home over Christmas Break.  If you would like to help in our mission to mentor more teachers next year, please consider making a donation using the link above.  Here are a few videos of a recent small reading group, and some pictures from a recent patriotic assembly. 

                                      Dia de Patria Parade!  The Kinder class started the show, Israel (my student with Spina Bifeda)     was so proud to be our leader!

Francisco, Jemima, & Naomy leading the way

This is Jorge my exceptionally bright student with autism.
Kai with his 1st grade teacher Suyapa, who I will be mentoring next year.

Jemima, Naomy, Daniela, & Nicole The girls were thrilled to get to wear their patriotic clothing!

Getting ready to dance & sing "Soy Puro Pinolero!"

    Classroom Materials Wish List
* letter magnets (capital & lower case)
* magnetic cookie sheets (with edges)
* miniature muffin pans
* small to medium rubber made containers
* duplo blocks
* foam blocks
* teddy bear counters
* unifix cubes
* skinny white board markers
* 25 metal fastener rings (˜2 inches)
* Pocket Charts (& metal/pvc holder) (individual & large sizes)
 small objects for alphabet containers (ie P: plane, pumpkin, pie, pom pom, etc.) multiple items that     would fit in a medium sour cream container
* 25 white children's athletic socks (to use for erasers)
* Thermal Laminator Pouches-Letter Size 8.9 X 11.4  Multiple boxes
* small letter tiles
* scrabble letter tiles
* plastic storage containers with small compartments (to hold letter tiles) Like a craft/beading   container
* ABC puzzles (in Spanish), number puzzles
* Discovery Toys educational games (lacing activities, geo boards, geometric shapes, bug pattern matching, etc.)
* USED I-pods (for listening centers)
* USED I-Pads (for learning centers)
* USED projector/document camera or device for turning I-phone/I-pad into projector or document  camera
* Used speaker for computer
* Picture books English or Spanish
* Early reader books: Spanish

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