Sunday, August 23, 2015

100 Days and Counting!

Our fabulous Kinder class-giddy with excitement over making it to our 100 Day Celebration!

We Did It!  We made it to 100 days!  We started this month off with our big 100 day Bash!  We made fruit loop necklaces, 100 day glitter crowns, a snack with 100 items, painted 100 dots, built with 100 cups, counted 100 things (what seemed like 100 times but not quite), and completed a scavenger hunt with 100 numbers!  It was a fun-filled day, and demonstrated how independent and successful our Kinder students have become this year.

Diego and Debora counting by 10s and making their 100 item snack.

Keller, Ariadna, and Renata building with 100 cups!

Benjamín, Fátima, and Sofia making their fruit loop necklaces,                 
this station required lots of parent help!

Making our 100s Day Glitter crowns with the help of a parent

Aldo and Benjamín (2 of the four boys in our class) eagerly waiting
 to add their number to our 100s Chart

Marcela finding where her number belongs!

Karla has completed over a month of student teaching and continues to do an amazing job!  We'll be busy next month preparing for our Fiestas Patrias event, writing our last names, writing lists about just about anything, writing to 100, and reading and writing more and more words every day!  We'll also be testing out some new donated i-pods by creating a listening center and using them for literacy and math centers!  (If you have any used i-pods, i-phones, or i-pads we can put them to very good use!  Let us know if you would like to donate one, we can arrange getting them here.)

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