Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mr. Mike & Ulises-A Great Team

Mike and his Trainee Ulises (pronounced You Lee Sees) Urbina

Mike has had the privilege to work with this fine young man this year.  Last year Ulises helped his mom  run the schools 'cafetin' (cafeteria).  Everyone noted how athletic he was (he'd frequently join the kids at recess or after school playing 'futbol') and how great he was with students.  So this year in addition to helping his mom he worked alongside Mike learning the ropes of being a PE teacher.   NCAM implemented a block schedule this year which meant several classes of 40-50 students!  Ulises was essential in making Mike's PE classes manageable and enjoyable!

A very common scene: Mike with his clipboard and Ulises by his side, or often one of them on either side of the cancha leading stretching and warm-ups.  Ulises embraced learning a new way of teaching PE.  They usually focused on a different sport, game, or technique each month.   All versions of dodge ball, 'quemados' in Spanish, hockey (yes on cement), and of course soccer were the kids' favorites.

Ulises has a great rapport with kids and we're so excited will continue the PE program Mike began and created these past two years.  He has been so willing and eager to learn despite only volunteering all of his time!  We truly respect and admire this gentleman.

Mike and Ulises have made a great team this year.  We've been so thankful for his efforts at NCA and we're excited with where he will continue to take the PE program in the future!

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